Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thing i cannot live without

After much thought about things i use almost everyday, suddenly it struck my mind what if those things gone.

Those things are:

1. My Lovely computer
2. My Wonderful TV
3. My Amazing Logitech Speaker
4. My Cooling notebook cooler pad
5. My HD set top box

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gum B'day

6th of July. Gum's Birthday.

Today I prepare something special for her thou doesn't look too nice but the taste is not dissapointing..still edible..

The first dish. Brocolli, mushroom and abalone. This is a simple dish to cook but the taste won't be like the restaurant because I don't have dried scallop for the gravy.

I simply use the water in the abalone bottle to cook. Which i reckon is ok standard.

Second dish. Salmon with unagie sauce and and fried onion. As know salmon is very oily fish. Lots of fats. Onion is good to fight oily stuff. So place some onion on the dish will help reduce the feeling of oiliness.

The mistake i make is i forgot to dry the oil of the fried onion before plating the fish. So the dish still very oily and not until my satisfaction.

Fried scallop and deep fried scallop. One thing about deep fried thingy. It is very hard not to make it soggy after it cool down.

Fried scallop is easier thingy. Just to make the flavour inside. Well i use garlic which is my favourite type of "vege". Garlic has very strong flavour, so it's not hard to get the flavour into scallop.

Last but not least. Apple caramel with sesame seed. I learn this from master chef. The caramel is hard and the apple is soft with the batter cover the apple. So the sugar is sweet and the apple is sour so sweet and sour with the sesame seed. Taste quite good.

A celebration is not complete without champagne. And I got a very good champagne. KRUG is the finest champagne in this world and it is the leading champagne maker. Well the one is got is the lowest range since i cannot afford the better range.

Well, after dinner. We are too full to have anymore food. So the cake save till tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little Update

Finish exam and relaxing..However, holidays ain't holidays. Study for next semester and planning for the future is important part of the plan. I'm not sure what is coming in the future, but planning is always needed. Things not always look as it is.

We always took things for granted. We live in a comfortable place, having all the comfort of the 21st century. We turn on our computer and connect the world. We switch on the tv and get entertainment. We pick up our mobile and call anyone we like. Car, public transport, telephone, airplane and many things else. We take it for granted. We never think if something disappear and the day we have to live in a place where there is nothing.

People think graduates from Univeristy will have a good future. That's why people attend Uni and hope for a bright future. Many people will plan from Uni and not from the career. We think of the occupation we want and pursue the job we want. However, no one will stay at the same job forever. After years graduates from Uni, we realise the job we always dreaming of is not as good as we thought.

I always plan from the future and career path. Planning backward is more achieveable than planning forward. Set the ultimate goal in our life and plan the step to achieve it. I know I can't say my theory or method is the correct one because I still haven't achieve my goal. I know many people still think graudaute from Uni will have better future and not graduates from Uni will have less chance of success. For those who did not study in Uni will think working at young age get some money and life will be very good. For me Uni is the crash course of the career path.

Ahh..many things doesn't look as it is. That's the bottom line.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wan tan mee

Perhaps the most easiet hawker food to cook.
what you need for this dish is wantan.
To make wantan you need mince meat, mix the mince meat with soy sauce, sesame oil and pepper. Well i add some spring onion as well because i like it and i know some ppl add mince prawn to make it more chewy.
n after make wantan i make the sauce, the soup or whatever it is called.
You need soup, for the soup i just use mince pork and spring onion.
Add the soup, thick caremal sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper and oyster sauce.
for the side some vege, choy sum or bak choy is fine. Some shredded chicken add on the top.

TADA!!..wantan mee!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Loh Mee

Loh Mee...I've tried a few times and finally i find out using slow cooker taste the best. Because using fire will cause burn since the soup is very thick. Here is my recipe
For the Soup/gravy.
I use 300gm of pork bone
3 - 5 star anis
half tea spoon of five spices powder
around 1.7 litre of water (because that's the max my slow cooker can fit)
Boil it for few hours before add
salts (to taste but i add 2 tea spoons maybe more)
thick caremal sauce (Oh Dao Iu)
some soy sauce
Oyster sauce (for the sweet taste, i read some recipe they add sugar which i think is odd)
n of course topica startch (i use my agakration)

Side prepration
Yellow blanch noodle and bihun
and some slice pork
bean shoots
finely chopped garlic (this is for the addind part like chili) add some water and white vinegar to the garlic
n of cz the eggsss (leave it overnight so the egg can absorb the taste) 
for the eggs (of cz you need it hard boiled) and then peel off the shell and put in the water that cointain (star anis, five spice power, thick caramel sauce - for the colour, and salts)
and nonetheless, add some sambal chili and fried onion.

There you have it..a nice bowl of loh mee

Thursday, May 7, 2009



当我看到别人有美丽的房子,豪华的轿车。我都会想,我要如何才能像他们一样。小的时候,根本不会想到这一些事情。因为小孩子都会活在自己的世界里。现在,如果要实现梦想,都要靠自己了。现实真的很残酷!!在这世界上,只有2%的人脱离了rat race。 我要如何成为这2%呢?

当我们一踏入社会,很多人就会为钱而烦恼。不过,很多人只会说“钱不够用”,“那些生意人都是骗人的”,“都是政府不对” 等等的话。但我们就从来没想过,我要如何去赚更多的钱。当别人问我们,“你如何可以赚更多的钱呢?”我们往往对会回答“跟老板要跟过薪水”,“政府减税”,“兼职”,“买马票”。没错,这些都可以行得通。不过,老板会答应吗?政府可能减税吗?兼职能赚多少?马票可能中奖吗?很多人长大了还像小孩子,发白日梦。当一个小孩有天真的梦想,我们会觉得他可爱,当一个大人有天真的梦想,我们会觉得他笨蛋。



我知道我不想一般人一样,因为我不会把天真的思想当作梦想。一份耕耘,一份收获。如果没有去做,那什么都不会实现。这个道理很简单,但很多人都不明白。也许,当我们小时候,父母和老师都会对我们说,“读书读好好,将来找一份稳定的工作”。每天都被这样的灌输,也难怪我们的思想往往都长不大。 这些所谓的道理就一代接一代的传下去了。没错,稳定的工作可以由安稳的收入,也有可能会发达。但,有多少人因为这样而发达和要多久,我们才可以看到收获呢?



Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a week!!

Assignments!!!..back from penang now assignments...everyday busy with assignments and the worst thing is maths!..argghhh...why maths? add minus multiply and division is already enough for daily use!!..why invent to many theory and formula?

Now i need to study maths everyday and i look at it and it look at me!!!..why?...why my life have to stuck with maths?